What is loop and button?
Loop and button are handmade t-shirts designed and made in Poland. We use best quality cotton, which is not chemically stained, so our t-shirt's got original real cotton colour!
We invent them at night after our regular (boring) job, so sometimes they might seem a little bit crooked..but that's the quality! Our prints are handmade so there are no and will never be two identical t-shirts! 
Every original loop and button has got a loop and a button sewn on the sleeve. 
Hint no. 1
When two (or more) people in loop and button stand by their sides they can pin on to another person using their loop (or button).
Hint no. 2
If you wish, you can unseam your button from the sleeve and sew it on wherever you want!
All pugs recommend loop and button!

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